Author: Michael Keyes

Top 8 Posts Summer 2018

J. Michael Keyes is an intellectual property attorney with extensive trial and litigation experience in cases involving trademarks, copyrights, unfair competition and false advertising. He has tried several cases in federal courts across the United States. LinkedIn | Twitter @JMichaelKeyes

Tom Brady Gets Sacked at the USPTO

Love him or hate him, everyone agrees that NFL Quarterback Tom Brady is terrific, except the USPTO. Earlier this year, Mr. Brady’s company filed to register the trademark “Tom Terrific” for t-shirts and various other collectible items. Yesterday, the USPTO rejected those applications. Why did continue reading...

The Copyright Circus Has Finally Left Town

Last Friday, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals finally put to bed a copyright dispute that many viewed as nothing short of bananas.   Naruto v. Slater—dubbed the “Monkey Selfie” case—raised the novel (if not bizarre) question of whether a non-human primate has standing to sue continue reading...