Presidential Campaigns Using Songs Without Permission Hit a Sour Note

Case Collard

His practice focuses on patent disputes but includes software licensing, trade secrets, and other commercial litigation. He provides practical and cost effective options alongside creative legal strategies. Case prosecutes and defends cases around the country, primarily in Colorado and California where he is a member of the bar, but also in E.D. Texas, E.D. Virginia, N.D. Illinois, Delaware, and New Jersey. He advocates for clients through all phases of litigation, from pre-trial diligence through trial and post-trial briefing. He is an engineer and registered patent attorney. His technical background allows him to work closely with experts and inventors to fully understand the technology at issue and handle IP disputes at the USPTO or in the courts.

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1 Response

  1. Ian McFarland says:

    No case more famous than Reagan being asked to stop using “Born in the USA”, only to finally listen to the lyrics and realize that it is a rather unpatriotic song that no candidate should have been using…